January reads

A slightly slow start to 2022, but a good start. I have three favourites to shout about…

Talk Bookish To Me by Kate Bromley was pure fun from start to finish. It’s a great read for any writers out there who want to feel seen – there is so much procrastination and struggling with deadlines! The food descriptions are lush, so make sure to read with a few of your favourite treats to hand. This would be a great read for any contemporary rom-com lover.

Hexed by Julia Tuffs is the first in a young adult series following a teenage witch’s discovery of her epic powers. It has wonderful period rep in it – their powers are literary linked to their menstrual cycles – and it shines a light on just easy it is for young men to steamroll and gaslight young women. It’s fun and funny, and I particularly enjoyed it as it’s set on the Isle of Wight and I could point at the page every time it mentioned somewhere I knew.

The Magnificent Sons by Justin Myers blew me away. It’s unflinching portrayal of bi-erasure and the struggles of coming out later in life had me glued to the page. Following one man’s journey away from the relationship he’s felt forced into by societal, familial, and personal pressures, this story is a love story at its heart – both a romantic one and between two brothers.

As always, read them all and we can be chums 😊

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