October reads

I read so SO many good books this month! I feel like I’m back in the groove of reading, and if you need some help here are some great stories to throw yourself into…

Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty is fantastic. If you liked her other books, you’ll love this. She takes all the incredible characterisation and intriguing plots from her other novels, and levels it the heck up. I was gripped even when part of the storyline hinged on two competing batches of brownies, so couldn’t put it down when things really hit the fan.

My Broken Vagina by Fran Bushe is a warm hug in book form. I don’t read much non-fiction but I FLEW through this because every chapter was just as breathtakingly honest and kind and funny as the last. It’s perfect for anyone who has experienced pain during sex, or for anyone who wants to understand a bit more about the realities of having a vulva (that’s the outside bit) and vagina (that’s the inside bit). You’ll learn stuff, you’ll wince at the anecdotes, and you’ll feel less alone.

The Summer Job by Lizzie Dent is an odd one – if you told me one of my fave reads this month would be based around the experiences of a pretend sommelier then I would have done some eyebrow raising. BUT this book is lush. Set in a hotel in Scotland, with enough romance, angst, and great female friendships to make all the wine stuff actually seem fun… I guess if you like wine, this would be the perfect uplifting book!

Ottolenghi Test Kitchen: Shelf Love is the latest cookbook from a team that has already brought me so much food-based joy – which is the best kind of joy there is! The book itself is a pleasure to flick through – all the recipes are photographed beautifully and recipes for things that look complex are broken down into simple steps. I have a curried cauliflower pie in the oven RIGHT NOW and I can barely type for salivating.

As always, read them all and we can be chums 😊

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