September Reads

Two stonking crime books take the top spots this month – they couldn’t be any more different OR brilliant…

We Begin at the End by Chris Whitaker left me reeling. It was days before I could pick up another book because anything else would be an utter disappointment after reading something so beautifully written and completely absorbing. Told from the alternating points-of-view of an unwell small-town police officer and a teenage girl trying to protect her brother from her mum’s neglect (both of whom you can’t help but love), this story will grip you from the first page and won’t let go. I’ll be recommending this to everyone for a long time – go out and read it now!

The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman won’t disappoint fans of his debut. It’s rich in his humour and wonderfully unique way of making even an evil diamond thief seem human. Osman’s books are like a hug – if that hug is being given by four elderly crime solvers who really would rather check out a bloody crime scene than play Scrabble. Lines will leap out and make your heart clench with sadness, but overall I recommend Osman’s book for a cosy afternoon by the fire.

As always – read them all and we can be chums 😊

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