‘Never trust people who don’t have something in their lives that they love beyond reason.’ – Fredrik Backman

Write for the love of it.

Write because you have a story to tell. Because you have stories to tell. Write because you need to figure out the stories inside of you. Write to be known, to find the others with stories like yours.

Write because 6am doesn’t feel like 6am when you’re getting up to write. Write even when 6am feels very much like 6am because you know that it will make the rest of the day better. Write through yawning and aching and sighing.

Write in bed. Write on trains. Write at desks. Write on your laptop, in pretty notepads, in the notes app on your phone. Write for hours, write in stolen minutes, write for a second.

Write poems. Write epic novels. Write for children. Write for the child you were. Write for your parents. Write things you never want your parents to read. Write for your friends. Write about your enemies. Write for yourself. Write for strangers. Write for the happy. Write for the lonely. Write for people who aren’t born yet. Write for someone on their deathbed.

Write because starting a first draft feels like diving off a cliff, and you don’t know if you’ll land. Write because you like to plan. Write from the start, the middle, or the end. Write a bit of them all.

Write down the ideas that come at midnight, in the shower, on a long drive. Write down the odd things people say. Write down the clever things other writers say. Write even on days when every word feels hard. Write when you’re inspired.

Write alone. Write with a friend. Write with a group.

Write and rewrite. Make your words shine. Write for days to find a sentence that makes sense. Write because when you do find that sentence that makes sense, it feels like finding gold. Write until it feels good enough to share.

Write in silence. Write in chaos. Write in your car. Write despite the washing piling up. Write even when you feel like you should be doing something else. Write instead of seeing friends.

Write because you want to. Write because you need to. Write because there is no way not to.

Write the dreams in your heart. Write the sorrows of your past. Write your fears and vanquish them. Write your hidden disappointments. Write your greatest joys. Write your lost loves.

Write about places you’ve been to. Write about places you will never go to. Write to get under another person’s skin. Write because you want to live better in your own skin.

Write through the rejection. Write through the pain. Write despite the worry. Write when agents don’t get you. Write when publishers don’t get you. Write despite bad reviews. Write despite missing out on awards. Write when the world is falling apart.

Write because seeing your book in a library will never stop being a thrill. Write because hearing that others loved your novel brings you joy. Write because telling stories gives you peace.

Write a story that takes you a lifetime. Write a story that takes you a month. Write bad stories. Write good stories. Write one story. Write ten.

Write because it’s what you’ve always wanted to do. Write because you fell into it. Write because once you started, you couldn’t stop. Write because it’s part of you now. Write from your heart.

Write. Write and write and write.

Write for the love of it.

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