January Reads

Some interesting reading this month. I get the bulk of my books from the library and as they are closed at the moment, I’ve been looking at my neglected TBR and doing some rereading, alongside a few newer books! Everything I read was great, but here are my three faves…

Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky Chambers is a masterpiece. It makes me, who would never in a million years want to go up into space, think that it might be a good idea if I got to live in a beautiful community like the one she brings to life so vividly. This is the third in a trilogy but could be read as a standalone, and is great for sci-fi lovers who want something a bit gentler and gloriously human.

What We’ll Build by Oliver Jeffers will be finding its way into the hands of many of the children I know over the coming year. With his characteristic optimism, Jeffers both writes and illustrates another picture book that can be genuinely enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Despite helping to whittle down the submissions for issue six of Eye Flash Poetry, I still spent a lovely afternoon reading the collected words of many talented poets. Great for fans of shorter poems, or those of you that haven’t unlocked a love of poetry yet. I’ve popped one of my favourites from the collection below 😊

As always, read them all and we can be mates, okay?

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