January Reads

This year I’ve set myself the challenge of reading 120 books, and I stormed it in January.

The books with hearts were my faves, and the rest are a jumble πŸ™‚ The Black Flamingo is glorious. Read it if you love lyrical coming-of-age stories. Olive, again was a return to an old friend, and it is beauifully told. If you like character driven novels that aren’t afraid of exposing the realities of human nature and frality, then check out anything by Elizabeth Strout. Love is for Losers is coming out in May 2020, and is one to pre-order (or reserve at your local library) if you like hilarious young adult novels with strangely likeable main characters. For me, it echoed the Louise Rennison books I loved growing up, and I hope Wibke Brueggeman’s books will become beloved by young people just like those were for me πŸ™‚

Read them all and then we can be friends, okay?

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