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I love working with people to make their stories the best they can be. I offer three main editing options, but if you would like something a bit different please get in touch – email thebrittonbookgeek@gmail.com

OPTION ONE – FULL MANUSCRIPT REPORT – A read-through of your entire manuscript. I would then produce a report focusing on the plot, characters, common mistakes, structure, and anything else I feel is helpful for developing your writing. This is bespoke to your story – before I begin reading I will ask what you want me to focus on and help you with.

Anna offers a friendly, supportive editing service and knows first-hand the challenges of writing. The structural edits she provided were precise, insightful and thorough, helping me to sharpen my plot and identify areas for development with my manuscript I would have otherwise missed. I highly recommend her services to all writers serious about their craft who want to move their projects on.” – Emily Kenny, represented by Lauren Gardner of BLM

OPTION TWO – LINE-BY-LINE QUERY CRITIQUE – A line-by-line edit of your first three chapters, query letter, and synposis. This is a detailed report to help you get your first chapters ready for submission.

Thank you SO MUCH for your very helpful and thoughtful critique! I’ve had plenty of feedback and beta critiques along the way, all of which have been useful, but I think yours is the first one that’s really nailed some of the issues in the book which I need to resolve.” – Alex Money

OPTION THREE – DETAILED FULL MANUSCRIPT EDIT – A line-by-line edit of your whole story. This will pinpoint trouble areas of your manuscript and help you make it as strong as possible. I will produce a short report to shed light on strengths and weaknesses. Although I do not offer proof-reading or copy-editing services, I would point out any spelling/grammatical mistakes.

Anna gave me such detailed, thoughtful feedback that went into specifics far more than I was expecting! She also made sure to highlight positives as well as areas for improvement, which helped me to feel positive about my messy first draft. Some of her thoughts are things I genuinely wouldn’t have thought of, like changing the timeframe of the novel. This has given me scope to be bold and brave with things I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Now when I go back to editing I feel I have a much clearer roadmap and know how and where to start.” – Elspeth Wilson, represented by Curtis Brown

ADD A CHAT – In addition to your editing choice, you can book a 30 minute chat over Zoom to pick over those tricky edits and discuss your next steps. Please note, this is only available up to one month after you receive your report.

My style is thorough but kind. I love helping authors develop their writing craft, and hope to give them tools they can use across all their writing. I am an avid reader, and studied English at St. Mary’s University, Twickenham. I have been writing for about 7 years, and have been giving feedback to fellow writers for about 5. I love helping people make their stories shine, and am very familiar with getting ready to query! I am editing my own novel, readying to submit to publishers, with my lovely agent Rachel Mann.

LOVE (These are stories I would feel very confident offering feedback on)

  • Anything character based – think Elizabeth Strout or Becky Chambers
  • Adult fiction – I read very widely, ranging between Jenny Colgan, Joanne Harris, and Fredrik Backman. In terms of genre, I love contemporary, romance, crime, psychological thrillers, uplit… Throw something at me and I’ll let you know if we’re a good fit!
  • Poetry – I am a generally helpful person at a small poetry publisher called Eye Flash and have had the joy of editing several poetry collections ready for submission. I also love verse novels, so if you’re working on something like The Black Flamingo or The Poet X, I would LOVE to work on it with you
  • Young adult – some books I’ve loved are Me Being Me is Exactly the Same as You Being You, A Monster Calls, Freshers, Carry On, The Unlikely Hero of Room 13b, Diary of a Confused Feminist, Love is for Losers… the list goes on and on! I write YA, so this is an area I feel particularly confident in
  • Children’s – some books I’ve loved are Pog, I Cosmo, and Pax. I particularly love working on children’s books that are unafraid to handle big issues
  • Some non-fiction – I am not a fact checker, but if your book is more focused on personal experience then I would feel happy to help. Some examples would be The Choice or Big Magic


  • Horror – I am a wimp
  • Gory crime – see above
  • Historical fiction – I am not a fact checker, so would not be able to help with checking the nitty gritty of what underwear someone would have worn in 1800
  • Plays – this is an area I know next to nothing about
  • Picture books – see above
  • Chapter books for those learning to read – see above

If you are unsure where your story fits but you would like me to take a look, please get in touch via thebrittonbookgeek@gmail.com

“If you’re looking for feedback from someone insightful and lovely, then look no further than Anna. She’s a superstar! I’m marching on with a much better editing plan now.” – Cate Holness


OPTION ONE – FULL MANUSCRIPT REPORT – £130 (this is based on a story of 70,000 words and will be adjusted depending on your word count)

OPTION TWO – LINE-BY-LINE QUERY CRITIQUE – £60 (this is based on chapters totalling no more than 15,000 words)

OPTION THREE – DETAILED FULL MANUSCRIPT EDIT – £225 (this is based on a story of 70,000 words and will be adjusted depending on your word count)

ADD A CHAT – £15 (This can be booked alongside your editing or for one month after you have received your report)

I am very happy to tailor my editing to your needs, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you would like something slightly different. Get in touch if you’d like to know more or to enquire about my availability – thebrittonbookgeek@gmail.com


“Anna’s been amazing with helping me whip my story into shape. She has a knack for finding the pesky grammar errors but also got me thinking about fresh ways to see plot and structure (plus she’s been extremely kind and patient with all my nerves/self-doubt). 100% recommend for all your editing needs!”Emma Bradley

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