Editing Services

I love working with other writers to help them make their stories the best they can be. All of my editing options are designed to give you kind and thorough feedback that will strengthen your writing.

I am truly thrilled with your feedback. You’ve given me great guidance and I love your comments. Thank you so much. You’ve injected a fresh zeal in me for this story and made me feel I should not give up.” – Emma Clarke Conway

I offer four main editing options, but I am happy to adapt to your needs. If you would like something a bit different please get in touch – email thebrittonbookgeek@gmail.com

OPTION ONE – FULL MANUSCRIPT REPORT – A read through of your entire manuscript. I then produce a report focusing on the plot, pacing, structure, characters, setting, and common mistakes, plus anything I feel is helpful to develop your writing. Before I begin reading, I will ask what you would like me to focus on and help you with.

Anna offers a friendly, supportive editing service and knows first-hand the challenges of writing. The structural edits she provided were precise, insightful and thorough, helping me to sharpen my plot and identify areas for development with my manuscript I would have otherwise missed. I highly recommend her services to all writers serious about their craft who want to move their projects on.” – Emily Kenny, author of The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks

OPTION TWO – LINE-BY-LINE QUERY PACKAGE CRITIQUE – A line-by-line edit of your first three chapters, query letter, and synopsis. I’ll focus on making your letter snappy and intriguing, your synopsis streamlined and fluent, and polishing up your first three chapters to leave readers wanting more. This will provide detailed feedback to ready your query package for submission to agents/publishers.

“Anna helped me to tighten my query package, which I knew wasn’t hitting the mark, and her eagle-eye caught some inconsistencies that I and my crit partner missed! She helped me to get to the core of what this story is about, in the polished, prescriptive style expected in a query, which I struggle with as a neurodivergent writer. Above all, she reinstilled the confidence that I had somehow lost.”Julie Farrell

OPTION THREE – DETAILED FULL MANUSCRIPT EDIT – A line-by-line edit of your whole story. I will also produce a short report to shed light on strengths and weaknesses throughout your manuscript. This editing option allows me to pinpoint issues in your work and suggest ways to make it as strong as possible. Although I do not offer proof-reading or copy-editing services, I would point out any spelling/grammatical mistakes that I spot. (Please note – this editing option is only available to clients I have worked with before and only for certain projects.)

If you’d like to learn more about these options, I’ve put together a blog post with some more detail.

Anna gave me such detailed, thoughtful feedback that went into specifics far more than I was expecting! She also made sure to highlight positives as well as areas for improvement, which helped me to feel positive about my messy first draft. Some of her thoughts are things I genuinely wouldn’t have thought of, like changing the timeframe of the novel. This has given me scope to be bold and brave with things I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Now when I go back to editing I feel I have a much clearer roadmap and know how and where to start.” – Elspeth Wilson, represented by Curtis Brown

OPTION FOUR – AUTHENTICITY/SENSITIVITY READ FOR FAT CHARACTERS – A line-by-line edit of sections of your story. You can choose how much you’d like me to read, and I will help you to write fat characters in a kind and authentic way. This editing option will help you to avoid cliches, unhelpful stereotyping, and accidental fat shaming.

If you’d like to read some of my general guidelines for writing fat characters, you can do that here.

Anna’s feedback was so thoughtful and detailed; my novel is now much stronger because of her suggestions. She is professional and knowledgeable, as well as affordable (which, for the struggling writer, is sadly always a consideration.) She seemed to care about my manuscript, and followed up with me days after providing her critique, in case anything wasn’t clear. I would recommend her services to all my author friends.” – Natalia Godsmark

ADD A CHAT – In addition to your editing choice, you can book a 30 minute chat over Zoom to pick over those tricky edits and discuss your next steps. Please note, this is only available up to one month after you receive your report.

“I’m so glad I booked a chat with you on top of the edits! You are so kind, helpful, and motivating. Making big revisions feels much less daunting with your feedback and advice. I’m incredibly grateful to you & will be singing your praises to all my writer friends.”Christina Frigo

OPTION FIVE – MONTLY MENTORING – This will be tailored to exactly what you need. Maybe you’re struggling to get words down on the page so need some accountability, or you want to start writing and need a cheerleader, or you want regular feedback as you edit your story. Combining a monthly 30-minute chat with detailed notes, this is a great option for anyone who wants a champion for their writing.

I was fortunate to have Anna mentor me with a manuscript that was in need of some clear guidance and insightful feedback. She has an eye for detail as well as being able to spot glitches in the overall story and character arcs that are so easy to lose sight of when you’re in the thick of writing. Having her there for advice and encouragement made a huge difference to the subsequent editing process. After several edits, I’m now confident to start the querying process. I don’t believe I’d have got to this stage without her.” – Debbie Roxburgh

My editing style is thorough but kind. I love helping authors develop their writing craft and hope to give them tools to use across all their writing. I will always be honest, but I will frame my critique in a helpful way – always giving clear paths towards strengthening your writing. And I will always make sure to chat about the things I love in your work!

I am an avid reader, so I love editing as it allows me to spend huge chunks of my life lost in other people’s worlds. I studied English at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. This gave me a great understanding of the foundations of literature and poetry – something I have built on since beginning writing my own stories around eight years ago. I write for young adults and adults, jumping from teenage angst to complex female relationships and murders!

I started giving feedback to fellow writers about seven years ago, and quickly realised that I was providing something much more detailed and comprehensive than they were used to. I love zooming out on stories, thinking about how they tick and how they can be made stronger, then zeroing in on characters and description, helping writers to make these essential elements shine.

“Anna has been so generous in her time spent analysing my manuscript. I’ve got page after page of golden advice – so many elements I couldn’t see clearly she has made visible. I’m a huge step closer to the story I want to write since having her help!”Anna Marks

These are some of the types of books I feel very confident giving feedback on:

  • Adult fiction – I read very widely, so would enjoy giving feedback on romcoms, uplit, sci-fi, fantasy, auto-fiction, historical… the list goes on and on! Some recent favourites have been The Kingdoms by Natasha Pulley, The Galaxy, and the Ground Within by Becky Chambers, and Last Night by Mhari MacFarlane. I am also particularly interested in character driven stories like Love After Love by Ingrid Persaud and Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam
  • Crime and thrillers – I wanted to give a separate shout out to these as they are genres I feel particularly confident giving feedback on because I write them! I particularly enjoy stories that bend traditions and display underrepresented characters/situations. A couple that I’ve enjoyed recently have been We Begin at the End by Chris Whitaker and The Appeal by Janice Hallett
  • Poetry – I am a generally helpful person at a small poetry press called Eye Flash and have had the joy of editing several poetry collections ready for submission. I adore verse novels, so if you’re working on something like The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta or The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo, I would LOVE to work on it with you
  • Young adult – This is another area I feel particularly confident giving feedback on as I write for young adults. Give me angst, young people finding their place in the world, and diverse, relatable characters and I will be a happy reader! Some books I’ve torn through recently – Any Way the Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell, You’re the One that I Want by Simon James Green, Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales, I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson, and Me Being Me Is Exactly As Insane As You Being You by Todd Hasak-Lowey
  • Middle Grade I love working on funny books for children and those that are unafraid to tackle big issues. Some books I’ve loved are Pog by Padraig Kenny, I, Cosmo by Carlie Sorosiak and The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q. Rauf
  • Some non-fiction – Although the bulk of the editing I do is with fiction, I do love diving into a non-fiction manuscript from time-to-time. I’m not a fact checker, but if your book is more focused on exploring social issues or your personal experiences then I would feel happy to help. Some examples of the kind of non-fiction I’d love to edit are The Comfort Book by Matt Haig, The Choice by Edith Eger, and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

If you’re unsure where your story would fit in all of this – get in touch (email thebrittonbookgeek@gmail.com). Throw something at me and I’ll let you know if I’m the right editor for you!

‘Giving thoughtful feedback on somebody else’s writing requires patience, compassion and humility. Anna has these qualities in abundance. Her suggestions for improvement are based on a careful understanding of the characters and aims of the piece, as well as a broader view of the publishing industry and the interests and desires of contemporary readers. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.’ Kate Fistric

Unfortunately, there are some stories that I wouldn’t be the right editor for:

  • Horror – I am a big wimp, so if your story has moments designed to scare (particularly if these are prologued scenes of heightened tension) then I wouldn’t be able to help
  • Gore – I love crime so I can cope with a certain level of violence, but I am not able to edit stories with detailed injury description, horrific deaths, or sexual assault. If your story contains elements of these, I would need warning and may choose not to work on your story. If I am reading a story and these elements appear, I reserve the right to stop editing
  • Fact checking – I really enjoy reading sci-fi, historical fiction, and non-fiction but I would not be able to help check the nitty gritty – if you want to know what underwear someone would have worn in 1800 or how someone would clean their teeth in space, I would trust that you have done the research yourself
  • Plays, picture books, short stories, and chapter books – Sadly, these are areas I know next to nothing about. Writers in these areas would be much better served by finding an editor who is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about these things

If you are unsure where your story fits but you would like me to take a look, please get in touch via thebrittonbookgeek@gmail.com

“If you’re looking for feedback from someone insightful and lovely, then look no further than Anna. She’s a superstar! I’m marching on with a much better editing plan now.” – Cate Holness


OPTION ONE – FULL MANUSCRIPT REPORT – £340 (this is based on a story of 70,000 words and will be adjusted depending on your word count)

OPTION TWO – LINE-BY-LINE QUERY CRITIQUE – £95 (this is based on chapters totalling no more than 15,000 words)

OPTION THREE – DETAILED FULL MANUSCRIPT EDIT – £600 (this is based on a story of 70,000 words and will be adjusted depending on your word count)

OPTION FOUR – AUTHENTICITY/SENSITIVITY READ FOR FAT CHARACTERS – £40/£70 (this is based on extracts totalling 2,500/5,000 words, but will be adjusted depending on your word count)

ADD A CHAT – £20 (this can be booked alongside your editing or up to one month after you have received your report)

OPTION FIVE – MONTHLY MENTORING – STARTING AT £60 PER MONTH (as this option is totally bespoke to you and your writing, please get in touch with your requirements and I will give you an idea of the cost. £60 per month would cover one 30-minute chat and line-by-line editing on 5000 words per month or a report on 10,000 words)

With all of these options, I am very happy for payments to be made in instalments.

I want to tailor my editing to your needs, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you would like something slightly different. Get in touch if you’d like to know more or to enquire about my availability – thebrittonbookgeek@gmail.com


“Anna’s wonderful feedback has enabled me to transform my story for the better. She’s really encouraging and her comments inspired changes that have made me a million times happier with my manuscript.” Charlie Baudry

“Anna’s editing services have made all the difference to my writing and my confidence. She is kind and considered, but no plot hole slips past her. Looking over her notes and then chatting them through with her afterwards has really helped to move my manuscript on.”Alex Atkinson

“Anna’s report was very detailed and packed full of useful information, and exceeded expectations. I was really impressed with the care that she gave the feedback and how constructive it was. I know exactly what to do next and know the next draft of my MS will really improve it – thank you! I highly recommend Anna’s editorial services.”Ange Freer

“I can’t tell you enough how your feedback helped me re-imagine and revise my manuscript. Your six-pages (!) of feedback were concise, thorough and helpful, and more than I ever expected. I only have praise for you and your editing service.” Tracey Brown

“I have nothing but praise for Anna. I’ve used her editing services twice now, and both times I was embarrassed to send my manuscript to her because it felt so unfinished. But she tailored her advice to my needs each time, exceeding my expectations and giving me concrete and actionable feedback. I think she’s an immensely gifted editor, whose advice is razor sharp while being supportive, warm and humble. I will certainly be contacting her again and have no hesitation in recommending her to others.” Fiona Grace Peterson

Thank you SO MUCH for your very helpful and thoughtful critique! I’ve had plenty of feedback and beta critiques along the way, all of which have been useful, but I think yours is the first one that’s really nailed some of the issues in the book which I need to resolve.” – Alex Money

“I really appreciated the time Anna had evidently put into editing my novel. I was very conscious of how much she had invested in thinking about the story and how it could be improved, and felt that the things she identified were incredibly helpful.” – Jo Gordon

“I have benefitted so much from Anna’s critique of the first draft of my YA novel. She gave me some brilliant advice about things that weren’t working, and how I might go about fixing them, in a very considerate and caring way! Her notes were so detailed I could tell she had really invested a lot of her time into reading and understanding the story I’m trying to tell, and from her feedback it really felt like she cared about my main characters too. We followed up her critique with a 30 minute Zoom chat which was very helpful for me to talk through some of my sticking points and ideas to take it forward, and I’ve come away feeling refreshed and excited to get back to work on it. I would not hesitate to recommend Anna for any editing work – and I’ll definitely be using her services again!”Ashley Barnard

Thank you so much, Anna, for your feedback on my first 5000 words. Following your advice and inserting more description of settings and feelings has definitely enriched my story. Your feedback on query letter and synopsis has also been invaluable.” – Hannah Faoilean

“Anna gave me such a thoughtful and detailed critique of my query package, and honestly the comments she’s made have been invaluable! She helped with structure, fleshing parts out and helped me be more objective with my synopsis. I now feel much more confident to go out and start querying!”Katrina Sansone

Thank you so much. Your feedback is fantastic, lots of spot on advice with plenty of practical guidance that I can work on to make my story stronger. No doubt I will be in touch for you to look over the new improved version!” – Krissy Lloyd

Thank you so much for the amazingly helpful feedback – this is exactly what I needed to help me break the story down and dive back into it! You touched on so many things that I knew I needed to work on but didn’t know how to, so it’s really helpful to have it laid out for me like this.” – Sophie Reid

Much of your advice was what I already knew, but needed to hear specifics and I think I needed to hear it from someone not as invested in my story. I’m so glad I found you and I hope to share some future projects with you.” – Pam Evans

Anna was very nice to work with and got back to me quickly when I had questions or queries. She really helped me out when I didn’t know how to further my book and gave great suggestions. I would recommend her editing services to anyone because she is amazing!” – Riceal Rogan

“Anna’s suggestions on how to improve my submission package were invaluable, especially when it came to my query letter. I found her feedback on my first three chapters to be extremely helpful and not at all painful. I immediately decided to book her to edit my full manuscript.”Fran Heath

“Thank you for being so thorough with your comments. It has been really helpful to have a new pair of eyes on my manuscript, and you’ve raised a lot of questions for me to address!” – Rosie Travers

“Plenty of really useful stuff for me to get my teeth into, and just what I needed to help my development. Special thanks for turning it round so quickly, too.” Heaton Wilson

“Anna’s been amazing with helping me whip my story into shape. She has a knack for finding the pesky grammar errors but also got me thinking about fresh ways to see plot and structure (plus she’s been extremely kind and patient with all my nerves/self-doubt). 100% recommend for all your editing needs!”Emma Bradley, author of the Arcanium series

“I cannot recommend Anna’s editing and advice highly enough. Her kind and thoughtful comments have helped me to look at my poetry in a new light, while her suggestions on structure and rhythm have helped turn what I hoped were a good collection of poems into something so much better.” – Brian Denness

“I asked Anna to give line-by-line feedback on a chapter before I sent it off to an agent. Anna’s editorial eye is very thorough and exacting. She understood straight away what doggy voice I was trying to achieve and had many good thoughts about how to improve this, heighten clarity for the reader and stay inside a dog’s head. I highly recommend Anna’s services.”Chrissy Sturt

“Anna completed a full manuscript report and provided feedback that was both constructive and encouraging. She was able to pinpoint not only where my issues were, but also gave suggestions on how to fix them. Her thoughts were detailed and well considered, and she really understood what I was trying to achieve with my manuscript. I took advantage of the chat afterwards, which allowed me to delve even deeper into her ideas for how to move my story forward. I will definitely be using her editing services again in future! Thank you, Anna!” – Samantha Williams, author of Devil’s Mark

Anna did a full manuscript report on my YA novel. This covered the storyline, characters, plot and technical bits and bobs. Her feedback was incredibly useful, highlighting the strengths of the book, plus those things that might need addressing. All of this was done in a constructive and user-friendly manner, with an open-door invitation for further discussion. Anna really cares about her clients’ work and their progress in the tricky waters of the agent and publishing world.” – Debbie Roxburgh

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