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The Habit Course

Making your writing sustainable and fruitful

When: 2021 (exact dates will be announced soon!)

Where: This course is fully online, taught over Zoom (although you will be sent a pack of goodies!)

How much: £50

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This online course is all about how to make writing both a sustainable and fruitful habit in your life. Ideal for those who are struggling to write at all, those bogged down by too many ideas, and those who find themselves writing way too much but still not achieving their goals. The course will help you to highlight how, when, and where writing works best for you. Teaching over the three one-hour workshops will help you to delve into your personal distractions from writing and help you to set realistic targets. This course is suitable for writers of any genre and age group, whether you have been at it for years or feel writing is a distant dream. I will speak from my own checkered experience and by the end of the course you will have the tools and knowledge to work towards your writing aims.

Week one – Show up

Week two – Shut down

Week three – Set off

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The Rejection Course

You can’t stop rejection, but don’t let rejection stop you

When: Tuesdays at 7pm from 1st June to 29th June (BST)

Where: This course is fully online, taught over Zoom (although you will be sent a pack of goodies!)

How much: £75

Spaces: 20

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My favourite part of the course was meeting other writers and sharing experiences around writing and subbing. It is good to not feel so alone in what can seem a solitary existence. Anna laid out a clear structure for our letters and synopses and explained each part. This was brilliant and she pulled it all back to the key points required. I definitely feel more confident in querying now.Debbie Roxburgh

This online course is all about rejection during the query process. Teaching is split between practical workshops and tips for dealing with the emotional fallout. It’s suitable for people writing any genre for any age group, and those at any point in the querying process – whether you have yet to query or have been at it for years, this is the course for you! I will speak from my own experience (find out a little bit about that here), and ask participants to be brutally honest. By the end of the course, you will be better equipped to deal with inevitable rejections AND you will have renewed strength to keep going until you get your YES.

Week 1 – Rejection is rubbish, but you’re not alone

Week 2 – You are not a reject

Week 3 – Lessen the chances – letter workshop

Week 4 – Lessen the chances – synopsis workshop

One-to-one – Half an hour of personalised feedback on your letter and synopsis

Week 5 – ONWARDS (let’s make a plan)

The rejection course was great and so well planned. My favourite part was when we looked at our dreams and plans, which meant we ended on a positive, forward-looking note. There was a good balance of facing the emotions thrown up by rejection and practical tips. It helps a lot to realise that others are in the same boat. Anna has a nice easy, open way of communicating, and I would happily recommend this course to a friend.Ian Johnson

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