Some information for those considering me as a #WriteMentor summer mentor

Hello lovely #WriteMentor people 😊 I am so excited to be mentoring again this year! I had a great time with Debbie last year, polishing up her YA manuscript. If you’re considering choosing me as your mentor for the summer, here is a bit more information to help you decide…


The standard offering from mentors this year is a read-through of your entire manuscript and a developmental report. This is, rather excitingly, something I do for a living! You can read more about what this will look like here. I will get this to you as quickly as possible once the mentee announcements are made.

Depending on how quickly you get changes done, I would be happy to do a second, more detailed read-through, and I will help you with your entire submission package before the agent showcase.

In a more general sense, you can expect cheerleading, support, and (hopefully) friendship from me. Like, I can’t force you to be my chum, but I like pretty much everyone and, once I’ve invested in your work, I’m going to want to stick around and hear about how it goes. I’ll also want to know about your pets, imaginary or real.


HARD WORK. And lots of it!

Editing is tough, but I hope I can help you through it. In return, I’ll expect you to put in the time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears need to whip your story into shape.

I want to work with someone with an open mind and an eagerness to make their story the best it can be. Sometimes receiving edit suggestions can feel brutal. I’ll be as kind as I can, but I will also be honest. If I think something is wrong or needs to change, I will tell you, and you need to be able to handle that. I absolutely don’t expect you to accept my word as gospel, but I will want you to think hard about feedback and have good reasons for disregarding it.


This is the exciting bit 😊

I’m looking for contemporary YA with lots of heart, characters I can fall in love with, and relatable plotlines. I love a bit of dystopia or magical realism, fall apart over romance, and I think a bit of humour is great. I lean to the older end of YA, so if your main character is 17/18 years old that’s grand.

Some more specific things I’d love to see:

  • Beautiful friendships and found families. I love stories that focus on best buds, rather than hunky partners, so if you’re writing about chums getting into trouble together, I’d love to read it. I also have a total soft spot for friendships with animals! Something like Diary of a Confused Feminist would blow me away
  • Strong main characters and voice. I want someone who I can totally fall in love with and who feels 100% real and unique. Think Love is for Losers or A Deadly Education
  • Neuro-diverse characters or those struggling with mental illness. I love a story that delves into how our minds work and what makes us tick. Something like The Rest of Us Just Live Here or The Hero of Room 13b would be lush
  • LGBTQ+ rep. I’d particularly like to work on something with aro/ace characters. Think Loveless or Camp
  • Fat characters. Far too many main characters and their friends are slim. Let’s showcase different body types and normalise being bigger. Something like Melt my Heart would be great

No matter who you apply to, I wish you the best of luck! There are more mentors than ever before, so why not take a chance on yourself? This could be your year 😊

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