Loneliness was the predominate emotion I carried during my time querying. Of course there were the crushing blows when an agent who was perfect passed on my submission, and the highs when my full manuscript was requested, but most of the time… I felt alone.

It felt kinda shameful to get rejected, especially so consistently. I didn’t want to tell people just how many agents weren’t interested in my book. I focused on the high moments and kept the lows to myself. But they festered within me.

Well-intentioned people asked how my book was going and if I felt brave I would tell them about querying. Most of the time, they wouldn’t understand I was baring my soul, and they would say nice things about it happening soon.

Only thing was, it didn’t happen soon. After over 100 rejections I had to give up. And I made that decision alone. Beaten down by the sheer disinterest in a book I’d loved and worked so hard to bring into being, I decided I couldn’t go on.

I picked myself up. I wrote another book, and then another. I queried again. I talked a little bit more about rejection because I knew there had to be other people out there fighting so damn hard to get their stories into the world, but all the time I felt like I was flailing in the dark. I didn’t have someone to talk to, someone who was a little bit further along in the process, who could give me practical advice and inspiration.

So, that’s what I want to offer to you. I don’t feel qualified to talk about many writerly type things, but rejection is one I feel like I’ve got pretty well covered! I want to offer an online course, set over a number of weeks, with a small number of participants, that really gets into the emotional baggage of querying, which delves into how to write a kick-ass letter and synopsis, and will give you a boost to KEEP GOING.

Essentially, the courses I’m going to offer are the ones I wish had been around when I was querying. I’m creating a retroactive wish-list!

I’m not pretending that I know everything, or that if you take part in this course you will never get rejected again. But I want to offer what I can to those in a situation I was in until very recently, and which I honestly struggled with. I want to offer inspiration, tips and a new group of chums to fight through the toughness with.

You can learn more about the rejection course here. I wanted it to be affordable, accessible, and … I feel like I want another A word here but … ASPIRATIONAL! Yeah, let’s go with that 😊

Join with me to banish the loneliness. Find others in the same situation as you and learn ways to cope with the crazy rollercoaster of emotions. Have fun and don’t stop until you get your YES.

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